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Wright Industry Averages: Automobiles & Components (Middle East)
Publisher Wright Investors' Service
Industry Automobiles & Components
Region Middle East
Published Mon, 26 Aug 2019 13:30:24 GMT
Table of Contents Section 1: Overview
   Wright Industry Averages - Overview
   Summary Analysis

Section 2: Financial Statement Analyses
   Income Statement - (Actual Values)
   Income Statement - (Common Size)
   Income Statement - (Year-Year % Change)
   Income Statement - (Five-Year Averages)
   Balance Sheet - (Actual Values)
   Balance Sheet - (Common Size)
   Balance Sheet - (Year-Year % Change)
   Balance Sheet - (Five-Year Averages)
   Sources of Capital
   Sales Analysis

Section 3: Financial Ratio Analyses
   Accounting Ratios
   Asset Utilization
   Employee Efficiency
   Fixed Charges Coverage
   Leverage Analysis
   Liquidity Analysis
   Per-Share Ratios
   Profitability Analysis

Section 4: Company Listings
   Alphabetical Listing of Companies
   Leading Companies - Fiscal Year Sales
   Leading Companies - Total Assets
   Leading Companies - Market Capitalization

Section 5: Glossary
   Definition of Terms

Partial List of Companies Al Soor Fuel Marketing Company KSCP
Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Company SJSC
Carasso Motors Ltd
Delek Automotive Systems Limited
Delek Group Ltd
Dor Alon Energy In Israel (1988) Ltd
Gb Auto S.A.E
Oula Fuel Marketing Co KSCP
Saudi Automotive Services Co SJSC
Shagrir Group Vehicle Services Ltd
Shell Oman Marketing Company
Tadir-Gan (Precision Products) 1993 Ltd.
United International Transportation Company SJSC